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Report Abuse

Immediate Action

  • If you suspect child abuse or neglect, immediately call the Utah Child Protective Services 24-hour Hotline at 1-855-323-3237.
  • Report the abuse in this online form
  • Alternatively, contact your local law enforcement agency.

Legal Obligation

  • According to Utah State Code §80-2-601, any person who believes that a child is being abused or neglected, or observes a child in a situation that could likely result in abuse or neglect, must immediately report their suspicions.
  • This obligation extends to anyone who observes conditions or circumstances that could reasonably lead to abuse or neglect.

Definition of "Reason to Believe"

  • "Reason to believe" does not require you to have proof of abuse or neglect.
  • It's important to understand that it's not your responsibility to prove the abuse or neglect; that is the role of the investigators.

Investigation Process

  • Investigations are conducted by law enforcement officers or Protective Service workers.
  • The investigation aims to establish proof and is carried out in a confidential and sensitive manner.
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